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HRB-G Fully Automatic Flute Laminator Machine

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HRB-G Fully Automatic Flute Laminator Machine

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◆ Introduction: on behalf of the new technology of intelligent laminating machine, the fastest speed, positioning the most accurate, the most convenient operation, boot only when the input size of paper, machine will automatically adjust the size of each part to the corresponding position, the full realization of intelligent operation.

◆ Characteristic:

◆ The fastest speed of 12000 / hour of the most high-end electrical control system

◆ Full realization of intelligent automatic replacement of automatic paper specifications

◆ Speed positioning of the curve to ensure the accuracy of the latest scientific and technological intermittent positioning

◆ At the end of paper paper automatic tracking system of base paper about the whole positioning deviation

◆ The whole paper about positioning correction intelligent detection paper length

◆ Intelligent fault display alarm system intelligent glue supply recovery system

◆ Bottom paper bending and pressing device of intelligent cleaning water circulation system

◆ Bottom suction paper size adjusting device MAC suction opening and closing element

◆ Automatic cleaning device for automatic cleaning device of bottom paper belt

◆ Anti rejection glue protective device for all stainless steel glue roll

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