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SF-360C/320C Fingerless Adsorption Single Facer

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SF-360C/320C Fingerless Adsorption Single Facer

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1-Heavy model single facer

2-gear box drive

3-Max speed 200m/min

Use and Characteristics:

1. Design speed of SF320C: 150m/min SF360C design speed: 200m/min

2. Effective width: 1400mm-2200mm

3. Corrugated roller diameter: φ320mm φ 360mm

4. Drive the gearbox to lubricate the oil, reduce the noise, the universal joint drive, and isolate the power source (optional).

5. Upper roller, pressure roller and rubber roller lift, all with pneumatic control.

6. The guide paper adopts vacuum adsorption, with air volume adjustment device, to maintain the stability of corrugated and corrugated form at high speed.

7. The roller and pressure roller bearings are lubricated with high temperature resistance grease.

8. The glue is used for adhesive.

9. The upper and lower corrugated roller adopts 48CrMo high quality alloy steel, after heat treatment, hardness is above HV1200, surface carbonized tungsten or hard chromium plating treatment.

10. The surface of the rubber roller is treated with the mesh cut and chrome plating.

11. Manual or electric separation device.

12. The glue department can be operated independently or independently in two ways.z

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