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Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

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Hydraulic Mill Roll Stand

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1- Hydraulic mill roll stand

2- Heavy model with 240/270mm diameter

3-Muti-point pnumatic break

Use and Characteristics:

1. Using double - rod cylinder symmetry four arms structure, can support two volumes of original paper at the same time.

2. Through the hydraulic transmission mode, the clamping, lifting and deviation of the paper roll are realized.

3. The top end adopts multi-point brake or manual tension brake. The top adopts the tooth-shaped chuck to reduce the waste of paper.

4. The width of the original paper is from 1200mm to 2800mm and the diameter of the supporting paper is 1500mm.

5. Maximum weight: V5B: 2.5t V6B: 3.5t.

6. Spindle diameter: φ 242mm/φ 270mm

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