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Duplex Gluing Machine

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Duplex Gluing Machine

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1- Online corrugated cardboard production line

2-PLC autoamtic adjust glue and speed

3- Width option 1400-2500mm

Use and Characteristics:

1. Design speed of 250m/min, with a diameter of 320mm

2. The rotation of each layer of pasting wheel is controlled by the inverter motor, which is controlled by the frequency converter to ensure the synchronization of each layer of paste speed and can be operated separately.

3. Since the rotation of each layer of the paste wheel is controlled by the variable frequency motor, it can still be controlled by the frequency converter with the same speed on the same line as the converter.

4. The control of the amount of paste and the amount of control can be separated and automatic.

5. According to the speed of the moving motor to achieve the required amount of control.

6. According to the variation of speed automatically when completed by coder and PLC automatic control and man-machine interface display values, to ensure that the corrugated machine at high and low speed see paste on the amount needed to ensure the stability of the pit of paper quality.

7. When the roller stops, the roller will lift automatically, and the roller will be automatically idled.

8. Optional roller compression or elastic contact pressure.

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