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Auto Splicer Machine

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Auto Splicer Machine

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1-on the top of hydraulic mill roll stand

2- can cut and connect new paper roll Non-stop work

Use and Characteristics:

1. Design speed: 150m/min

2. Applicable maximum diameter of original paper: 1500mm

3. With the automatic tension control of the original paper frame, high speed of paper can be connected with high efficiency.

4. Paperless tail paper, reduce the loss of the original paper. (the overlap of the original paper is only about 40mm with the width of the tape.)

5. When the paper car is moved out, it will automatically turn out and take vacuum adsorption, easy to install the paper, automatic tension control, and paper zero error.

6. Adopt PLC automatic control, accurate action, little fault, and convenient maintenance.

7. The first time the buffer wheel pulls the paper, it is automatically aligned and easy to pull the paper.

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