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Semi-Auto Folder Gluer Machine

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Semi-Auto Folder Gluer Machine

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Main features

1.This machine is designed of manual folding and feeding, automatic glue application.

2.Working table up and down automatically. It is controlled by photoelectricity facility with features of convenience and easy operation.

3.Glue application assembly and both side block can be moved for adjustment conveniently and fastly. The order size setting can be finished within 1 minute.

4.The cam-linkage mechanism drive auto-emendation section by fan shape forwarding to enable good box sticking and good order output.

5.The strong wind blower work on box vertically to make sure nice box sticking.

6.After auto-emendation section there are another four pressure rollers with dia.60mm to keep output thickness more even and more better looking.

7.The output section is equipped with detective photoelectricity. Customer can set each lot order quantity ranging from 1 pc to 20 pcs, then the finished output will be delivered, which can save labor and accurate quantity.

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