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Lead Edge Feeder Rotary Die Cutting Machine

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Lead Edge Feeder Rotary Die Cutting Machine

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Paper Feeding Part

1. Adsorption automatic feeder, one-slotting, Cut corner, creasing, drilling.

2. precision die cutting from+0.75mm to-0.75mm

3. Phase planetary gear used electric adjustment, turn on and turn down were quick adjustment.

4. Before manually adjust block cardboard side block electric adjustment

5. Paper rollers have a plastic face, to prevent cardboard, to increase feed accuracy.

Die Cutting Part

1. Die cutting roller for the high quality steel materials,30mm thickness, balance correction, hard-chrome plating.

2. Wallboard for high-quality cast iron material,50mm thickness, and large processing center production.

3. Soft-roll automatic grinding institutions to pouches repeat usage,grinding3-4times;

4. Line speed automatic compensation to ensure that each batch of cardboard boxes full of die-size line;

5. Use Imported Polyurethane soft rubber, ease of installation, can cut 12000000 times.;

6. Mechanical soft roll about 40 mm lateral movement ,the pads wear uniform;

7. 40cr material the use of grinding gears for 6,low noise long life;

8. Die cutting roller cylinder automatic separation devices to reduce wear pouches.

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